Two Cents Worth – It’s time we tell politicians what we want for our area

Two Cents Column

Two Cents Column

As we begin 2017, we need to make this a year when we start speaking up loudly and demanding some things change. We saw a desire for change expressed at the voting booth in 2016 with the election of President-Elect Donald Trump. But putting people in office isn’t enough. We need to let them know, under no uncertain terms, what we want.

I figure the first thing we as a region should be doing is calling our congressman, Mike Bost, and telling him we want him to be on the phone immediately after Trump takes the oath requesting the new president reconsider the placement of the new NGA headquarters. That building should have never been awarded to north St. Louis and everyone with any common sense knows it. So let’s use Trump’s victory as a victory for the Metro-East and get NGA placed where it belongs.

And while he is on the phone, Congressman Bost needs to make sure we have a strong, unafraid individual appointed as the US Attorney for the Metro-East and southern district of Illinois. For far too long corruption has run rampant in East St. Louis, Belleville, and all the way out into the tiniest towns of southern Illinois. We need an Elliot Ness figure to rise up and start shining a little light on some old, deeply set stains.

One of the benefits our region should enjoy is having a congressman of the same political party as the president. Theoretically we should be able to trust him to make things happen on our behalf. I’m not saying Congressman Bost can magically make NGA come to Illinois or bring the hammer of justice down on long-standing corruption, but he’s in a much better position to do so now that Trump was elected over Hillary Clinton. Give Congressman Bost a call at his Belleville office at (618) 233-8026.

As for the statehouse politicos? Well, unless
Michael Madigan is unseated as speaker or retires, I don’t hold hope much will change there. But give your state rep a call and tell them a vote supporting Madigan as speaker is already a step in the wrong direction.