Two Cents Worth – July 1, 2015

Before we begin, I want to thank everyone for the suggestions on how to deal with my thunder-hating dog.  What was really helpful for me is that you all gave me the same advice and told me to buy a Thundershirt. My wife and I bought Riley one last Saturday, which came in really handy for Sunday night’s storms.

Riley did remarkably better with the Thundershirt.  While he still hung close, he laid on the floor and wasn’t crying and clingy like normal.  I’m still waiting to see how he does overnight with it, as I was up late Sunday night and it stopped raining before I went to bed.  So far though, you guys all hit this solution right on the head.  Thanks!

Since we’re having a bit of a dialogue, I want to talk this week about Facebook and social networking.

Last week, the O’Fallon Weekly received its 1,000th “Like” on Facebook.  To thank you all for your support, we partnered with Imo’s Pizza to give you buy-one-get-one large pizzas if you mentioned the O’Fallon Weekly.  I’d like to take a brief moment to thank Bridgett and the team at Imo’s Pizza in O’Fallon for working with us and giving you all such an excellent deal.

But what I want to ask you all is what kinds of posts are interesting to you.  I can put post after post up and receive little interaction with our now 1,120 (as of this writing) followers.  But then I put up a photo of how Ravanelli’s has changed into Fire-N-Smoke and you guys go bananas!  We received more interaction on that one post than any other so far.  You liked, commented, and lots of you shared it all over Facebook.

So I want to know if that’s what you’re looking for from us on Facebook.  We use Facebook as a way to interact and update you all throughout the week.  Maybe we’ll ask some questions and that sort of thing, but for the most part we promote the paper and show what kinds of things we’re up to and seeing the other six days of the week.  Is that what you’re looking for?

What kinds of posts are you interested in?  What prompts you to share a post around?

The O’Fallon Weekly is a work in progress, but I love that I can ask you all for your input and receive it.

One last point… If you don’t already, please consider doing business with the advertisers in the O’Fallon Weekly.  They have taken a chance on a new community newspaper by purchasing advertising, and its only because of that faith and generosity that I am able to put out a paper each week.  It’s important to me to provide you all with a quality product for free each Wednesday, but the only way I can do that is if advertisers keep buying ads.  So if you can, please do me a favor and do some business with the advertisers in the Weekly.  And if you already do business with them, thank them for advertising in the Weekly.  They’re good people and they’ve all been a big help to me.