Two Cents Worth – July 8, 2015

In the short time we’ve been publishing the O’Fallon Weekly, I’ve been fortunate to work with some really great people.  Granted, they always start off looking for a paying gig, but somehow I end up talking them into light stringer work or an internship or something.

One of those folks is Jarad Jarmon.  You may have noticed Jarad’s byline on a lot of stories about Shiloh.  That’s been his beat for the most part.

Jarad has been an immense help to me over the past month and a half or so because Shiloh and O’Fallon government meetings both fall on Monday night at the same time.  No one has perfected cloning technology (at least not technology I can use) and so I’ve needed Jarad to attend and report on Shiloh government.

Jarad informed me Monday night after he’d emailed me his article that he had gotten a full time job at a newspaper in eastern Illinois and that he’d be leaving the Weekly.

I couldn’t be happier.

Now that’s not to say that Jarad hasn’t done a great job.  He has.  He’s been reliable, helpful, and punctual when submitting his stories.  I’ve come to rely on Jarad to take care of Shiloh for me, and I’m going to be sad to see him go so soon.

With that said, I’m thrilled for Jarad.  Finding a full-time job in the media is not an easy thing to do these days.  I should say finding a job in the media that pays well enough that you can afford ramen noodles is hard, which I was unfortunately unable to give him.

I knew when I started having people ask me if they could help write for me that while I couldn’t offer much, I could at least offer them bylines and experience.  Bylines and experience they could use as a portfolio when looking for regular, decent paying work. And hopefully we could have a good time while doing so.

I don’t want to take any credit for Jarad’s success in finding work.  He came to me with an impressive enough resume already that I felt fortunate to have him help me for the pittance I was able to give him.  It doesn’t surprise me that he has already found the start of his way.

So the story by Jarad in this week’s issue is more than likely his last for the Weekly.  He may have one more next week, but it’s just as likely he’ll be out east looking for an apartment.

And after Jarad moves on to bigger and better things, the Weekly will eventually welcome its next reporter who is ready to claw and scratch their way into the media world, and the cycle will begin anew. But we won’t forget those who came before.

Congratulations on the new job Jarad and thank you for all your help.  It’s been greatly appreciated.