Two Cents Worth – June 17, 2015

This past Saturday was the annual Salute to Scott festival, put on by O’Fallon and Shiloh in conjunction with the O’Fallon-Shiloh Chamber of Commerce.

It was a really great day, with good weather, food, games, and banana splits.

There was also a business expo where members of the chamber could set up a booth and showcase their business to the attendees.  The O’Fallon Weekly was there and we gave away more than 300 newspapers.  We also heard from many of you that you already pick us up, and we really appreciate that!

I wanted to take the opportunity to shower a bit of praise on the local chamber of commerce.  We’ve only been a member for a very short time, but since day one of our existence the chamber has been very welcoming and supportive of what we’re trying to do.

But this isn’t unusual.

In my short time interacting with them, I’ve noticed that the members of the chamber go out of their way to not only actively promote their businesses but also create opportunities for them to fellowship with one another.  They create a sense of community that makes you want to do business with a fellow chamber member.

I was speaking with a gentleman last Friday over an iced tea and he told me about the hard work the chamber has been doing behind the scenes to attract medical professionals and businesses to the area.  It really only makes sense since O’Fallon is about to be the medical hub of the Metro-East in the next few years with Memorial East and St. Elizabeth’s opening their doors.  But that got me thinking about the chamber and all the work they are doing that we don’t hear about.

How many people in our area have a job because the local chamber went out and helped bring a business here?  How many small businesses just getting started were able to get over an issue or problem because of help from the chamber?  How much revenue do local businesses have the chamber to thank for?

I know SpectraGraphics has the chamber to thank for the approximately $120 or so I’ve spent on shirts in the last few weeks.  I went into the chamber office, asked about embroidery services, and they gave me business cards for a couple of shops.  It’s a small service, but it resulted in real-life revenue for a chamber member.

The business expo at the Salute to Scott is just another great way our chamber is working for everyone.  Not only do the businesses benefit, but a lot of military folks who recently transferred here had the opportunity to see everything O’Fallon and Shiloh have to offer.  It’s a win win for everyone.

So thank you O’Fallon-Shiloh Chamber of Commerce.  We appreciated the opportunity you provided.

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