Two Cents Worth – June 3, 2015

While I’ve never been a big fan of it, I have to begrudgingly admit that, at times, change is good.  Doing the same thing over and over produces the same results, with possibly diminishing returns.  Only by switching things up a bit can we test and see what works and what doesn’t, in an attempt to find that a sweet spot.

I’ve been doing a bit of that with the O’Fallon Weekly since we launched in the last week of April.  As of this issue, we are six weeks old.  Most would be happy just to have put out six consecutive issues, and trust me I most certainly am.  However, I’m also trying to do different things and see what works and what doesn’t.  See what is interesting and what isn’t.

I’ve heard a lot of very positive feedback as I’ve gone around town talking to folks.  You all seem to really like the positive and community focused stories.  I’m very happy to hear that as that’s what I wanted to bring you.  A lot of times in the media industry you hear that “scandal sells” or that “if it bleeds it leads.”  I’m happy to know that that isn’t always the case and isn’t always what people are looking for.

I’m happy when I pop into a business and the first thing they do is check the back page to see what dessert we’re featuring this week (those are my mom’s recipes, so I can vouch for their being very good).  I’m glad the folks at St. Nicholas Roman Catholic Church appreciate the photos from the inaugural NickFest (I had a blast covering that event!).  It’s a good feeling when I get a message on our Facebook page telling me that both of her grandsons are on our cover that week (you have ‘liked’ us on Facebook, right?!?).

But in the spirit of mixing things up a bit and keeping everyone on their toes, there are some new additions to the paper I want to highlight.

The O’Fallon Weekly has partnered with the St. Clair County Animal Adoption Center to showcase Pets of the Week, in an effort to prompt pet adoption and help some fuzzy friends find forever homes.  Also, a big thank you to Four Paws Animal Hospital for sponsoring the Pets of the Week feature.

My pal David Porter, who owns the Lebanon Advertiser, has graciously shared his weekly column “Ramblin’ Man” with my readers.  Read this week’s column on page 11 to read more about what “Ramblin’ Man” is all about.

Fitness instructor, and the best wife I could have asked for, Laura Miller, has been sharing her fitness knowledge in her feature “The Fitness Fanatic.”  I should be taking more of her advice…

And starting this week, and running through the IndyCar season, my dad Jim Miller, will be providing weekly recaps of the IndyCar races.  As you may have read in my column last week, my dad and I attend the Indy 500 together every year with my uncle.  During the race, my uncle suggested I have some IndyCar news in the Weekly because no other paper around the area runs any that’s not from a newswire.  So, until the IndyCar season ends in August, the O’Fallon Weekly will feature original content about the races.

As I said in my first issue though, we can’t do this without the community pitching in.  It’s been great receiving story ideas, photos, news tips, and suggestions from you all.  Please keep them coming.    Send notes and suggestions to

When the idea for this paper was conceived, we wanted to provide a product that gave the people of O’Fallon and Shiloh what they wanted.  Don’t hesitate to tell us what that is.