Two Cents Worth – Let your voice be heard on Election Day

Two Cents Column

Alright folks, this is it. Election Day is finally upon us and its time to choose your preferred candidates for local office.

While I can’t confirm, I have heard another paper in the area (there’s another paper in the area?) may endorse candidates. The Weekly will not be making any endorsements as we feel that is the job of each and every one of you. Our job is to provide you the most amount of information possible on the candidates and their positions so you have everything you need to make up your mind.

This issue features our 2017 Candidates’ Guide. We are using the same questionnaire answers the Chamber of Commerce received for the four candidate forums that were held during March. If you don’t see a candidate listed, they did not submit an answer form to the Chamber. Additionally, if they are missing a piece of information, they did not submit that information to the Chamber.

One thing to note, after reading over the answer forms and getting to know the candidates, the voters of O’Fallon and Shiloh have some very distinct options when going to the voting booth on Tuesday, April 4. This is not an election where Candidate A and Candidate B are only different because of the color tie they wear. Voters have candidates to choose from that represent very diverse philosophies and opinions. So take the time to research those running and figure out who aligns best with your beliefs.

While I know election season can be frustrating and everyone gets annoyed with all of the signs and postcards stuck into your front door, remember that this process is one of the things that makes the United States great. Folks in different nations around the world fight and die to have the privilege we have on April 4. So exercise your right and go let your voice be heard.