Two Cents Worth – May 13, 2015

As we went to press last week, a story about an SIU Edwardsville student that had gone missing began to develop.

Unfortunately, we’re now all to well aware of what happened to that young man. All he wanted to do was sell his car through an ad on Craigslist and make a bit of extra money, and now he’s gone.

What struck with me about this young man’s story is that the O’Fallon Police had just released a notice the week prior about how they are opening up the Public Safety Building as a safe zone to conduct online transactions. You can’t help but think what would have happened had the young man told his potential buyer that he wanted to meet at a local police department. More likely than not, he’d still be with us. That’s no criticism of the victim, but rather should serve as a warning to the rest of us.

The O’Fallon PD has graciously opened their doors to the public, providing us with a safe place to conduct our business. Please take advantage of it and stay safe.

Hopefully more departments around the area follow the lead of O’Fallon and open their doors too.