Two Cents Worth – May 4, 2016

Two Cents Column

Two Cents Column

As you may have read, last week was our one-year anniversary. We technically turned a year old on Friday, April 29. But I wrote about all of that last week.

Last Tuesday, while picking up my papers at the printer, I learned we had been accepted as members of the Illinois Press Association. You may be wondering why that’s a big deal. While there are a lot of different reasons, there’s only one that matters the most to me. By becoming a member of the IPA, I felt as though I had achieved something and that other publishers and newspapermen were acknowledging our success.

I’ll let you in on a little secret… What I do, isn’t very hard. People want to talk about what they’re doing and have going on. So if you tell them, “Hey, I’ll publish what you send me” or “Hey, let me write about you” they will typically oblige. So making a newspaper isn’t really difficult, as much as it is extremely time consuming.

However, there are various levels of quality to what I do. I’ll never name names, but you’ve seen some pretty cruddy looking papers, I’m sure. I will never say my paper is perfect, as I know there’s always something to be improved upon, but I’m proud of our efforts here at the Weekly. And so it was a great feeling when I was told that not only had I been accepted, but I received some accolades for our product.

The Weekly also recently joined the Southern Illinois Editorial Association. I was particularly taken aback when I inquired about our potential membership and was told that not only had we been admitted, but that I had been nominated for a three-year position on its board of directors. Now maybe the rest of the SIEA board is reading this and laughing at me, guffawing at my naiveté, but I was pretty honored. I was formally voted upon and admitted at the SIEA board meeting in mid April.

So, things continue to look bright here for us.

Oh, and Baby Miller? Well on it’s way. Should be any time now that he or she joins the world. I’d have thought I’d be more nervous, but, maybe its my ignorance, I’m not feeling very apprehensive. Hopefully soon I can let you all know if its a boy or a girl and what we decided to name him or her. I don’t think Godzilla would be acceptable post-birth…