Two Cents Worth – Nov 11, 2015

I enjoy the fall. It’s not a very long season in this area. Maybe a solid month or so at most, but its great while it lasts.

After sweating all summer long, its pleasant when the days turn a bit cooler. Although for those that know me, its always a bit sad when it becomes that time of year to pack away the shorts and start wearing jeans. That’s the benefit of being my own boss, everyday is casual Friday.

For me, fall starts when the football season begins. I know St. Louis is a baseball town, and I enjoy a good Cardinals game as much as the next guy, but once the NFL kicks off their season, baseball takes a big back seat. If baseball players are the boys of summer, football players are my harbingers of autumn.

Its pretty great when the trees turn all sorts of different colors and are very picturesque. Granted there are all of those pesky leaves to rake up when they eventually fall (hence the season’s name), but typically you’ve only really got to deal with the big dump load once and then its just touch-up work.

I also love Thanksgiving. Its honestly my favorite holiday, mostly because of my intense love of turkey and consuming it. The pie also helps too. Seriously though, try and describe to me a better holiday than one where I can sit around, watch football all day long, eat tons of fabulous food, spend time with loved ones, and top it all off with a tryptophan-induced nap. That’s what I thought.

Ultimately all of this great scenery, cool days, football, and turkey leads into the holiday season and winter. Then I start complaining about snow and ice… But for now, I can just enjoy fall and hope it sticks around as long as possible.

What are your favorite times of year? Why? Drop me a line at and let me know.