Two Cents Worth – Oct 7, 2015

This week is a big moment in the life of the Weekly.  I’m taking my first real vacation since it launched.  My wife and I are headed to Boulder, Colorado, to watch my friend Karl marry a gal we honestly all thought he paid to hang out with him.  It’s really the only explanation that makes sense as to why someone so sweet and great would hang out with a goober like Karl. But I digress…

Since we launched we’ve slowly added to our ranks.  Some people have come and left, while some are relatively new to the crew.  But this is their moment to shine and perform as I know they can.  I’m relying on the others to cover the happenings this week in O’Fallon and Shiloh so that there’s something to put into the paper next week.

Part of me is a bit paranoid that I’m forgetting to tell them something I wanted them to cover.  We’ve gone over what’s happening and what I’d like to have from them when I get back.  But I can’t help but think that something will not be done how I would do it.

And that’s my problem.

I’m being a control freak and I know it.  The other members of the Weekly family have done nothing but prove themselves time and time again.  There’s no good reason I should be worried at all.  It really is just a dangerous need to have control over the paper and what goes into it. And it’s not fair to the others to pre-judge them and their work.

Since April 29, the Weekly has grown significantly.  I look back at the weeks when I was putting out a 12 page paper and wonder how I ever did it.  At this point I couldn’t fit everything into even 16 pages if I tried.  So it was inevitable that as the paper grew I would need help assembling it.

Which brings us to this week. It’s the moment of truth.  I have to take a four day step away and trust that the others will handle things, as I know they can, so that you all have something to read next week.

I have every confidence they’ll do just fine.  You’ve got to let the kids walk on their own sometime. That doesn’t mean I won’t be periodically sending them text messages asking how things are going though…

Next week, tales from Karl’s wedding!