Two Cents Worth – Place the blame at the right feet

Two Cents Column

Hard times are facing the state these days. The General Assembly was called back for a special session last week to consider a budget plan, which includes increased taxes. There are big implications if the lawmakers can’t come to some sort of an agreement. A government shut down would impact road construction, nursing homes, services for the poor and helpless, and, obviously, local schools.

At their board meeting last week, the District 90 Board of Education was essentially forced to transfer funds from its Working Cash fund into the Transportation fund to make up a significant shortfall. That shortfall only exists because the money was supposed to come from the State of Illinois. Superintendent Carrie Hruby told me that its hard for them to make any real cuts to the transportation expenses because they can’t reasonably cut routes and the kids have to get to school. The one area where the district has little control over their expenses happens to be the area where the state impacts them the worst, right now at least.

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