Two Cents Worth – Ring in 2018 with the Weekly Staff’s New Year’s Resolutions

Each year I like to ask everyone at the Weekly to give me a New Year’s Resolution they’d like to share with our readers. It’s not mandatory or anything, as some people just don’t do any resolutions, but I find it to be fascinating.

So we’ll start with the Weekly staff and then we’ll circle back to me. 


Kimberly Bennett – Digital Content Manager

I have more phobias than you can shake a stick at, and I’m slowly discovering how limiting they are on my life. While some of my fears are fairly common and not as debilitating (like the fear of spiders and expired food products), some of them prevent me from living my life. Some of them were founded through different experiences, but others have developed because I don’t like being uncomfortable. I don’t like change, and because I don’t like change, I’ve ended up fearing it instead of welcoming it. By the end of 2018, I hope to see growth in myself.  I want to see growth in myself. I want to stop subsisting and start living.

I’m 25 years old; it’s time to get it together.

Rebecca Bugger – Reporter

I resolve to find happiness in stress.

To breathe and enjoy each day no matter the situation, person I’m dealing with, or cost.




Sam Scinta – Sports Reporter

Being a Chicago Cubs fan my entire life, I had to find a balance between eternal optimism and realistic pessimism. It’s a strange, inescapable paradox that invades almost all aspects of life, even outside that of the remote sports observer.

Well, now that all that waiting and curse nonsense is long gone, the mindset has stayed, and I suppose that is what I am trying to change.

No longer do I have a need to temper enthusiasm and excitement with cynicism, yet that seems to be the default for me when reacting to even the best news.

So as the calendar flips to 2018, I resolve to look on the brighter side of everything, no matter how hard that may be.

Happy New Years everybody!

Angela Simmons – Reporter

Every year, I write out resolutions with the hope of carrying them out, and then a few weeks or months into the year, they go by the wayside. This year, I’m going to do things a little different. I’m going to have a word to live by, and this year is “More.” I want to do more of what makes me happy, attend more book club meetings, put in more hard work to get the things that I want, remember more often to actually switch the laundry from the washer to the dryer, etc.

No matter what your resolution or your goal for the new year, I hope you all have a Happy New Year, and I look forward to seeing you at events around town.

Colten Steele – Sports Reporter

I really wanted to try and come up with something that everyone doesn’t hear every single year. Last year, my resolution was to fold my clothes whenever they were done in the dryer, but did I accomplish that? No.

So, this year I will be saying what we all hear from everyone every year: I’m making a serious commitment back to the gym, and my diet will be very boring, but filled with protein and veggies! Working out is something that I always heavily involved in, but then I found fast food during college. We all know how that goes. The plan is to begin the diet and the workout regimen on the first of January!

The real question is: Will it last one week or one month? We’ll see!

Well! Everyone got pretty serious and introspective this year versus last year. Why so serious guys?

Resolutions fascinate me because, theoretically, if you’re self-aware enough to know you have something about you that you wish to change, what does it matter if you start on January 1 or August 24? I guess its the idea that the new year represents a clean slate and that we can start fresh.

So keeping with the theme of the column, I’ll let you all in on what I want to work on in 2018.

First, and its going to be totally cliche, but I plan on taking off some weight. Unfortunately, both sides of my family have the easy potential to put on weight, and I’ve allowed my love of carbs and sugars to dominate for too long. So starting this week actually, I won’t be any fun to go grab lunch with. Fair warning.

Next, I want to try and regain some structure to my life. It feels like I have, for the most part, all the pieces I need to make everything work, but they’re not all working as I need them to. I plan on taking the first month or two of 2018 and figuring out what needs to be restructured in order to get things running smoothly so I can start to work smarter and not harder. That was a bit cryptic but you don’t want to know the nuts and bolts of what it takes to bring you a paper each week anymore than I want to begin to get into them.

Third, I don’t read as much as I would like, which seems ironic coming from a guy preaching the importance of reading. I go to the bookstore all the time and find things that sound fascinating, but they just become decorations on my shelves. So I’d like to carve out some time to read more. Realistically if I could get through 26 books in 2018, one every two weeks, I’d be happy. We’ll see.

Finally, when I originally went into the journalism program at SIUC it was with the lofty goal of one day being a movie critic. I thought guys like Siskel and Ebert had the best job going. They got paid to watch a movie and talk about it! I quickly learned that it was difficult to make a living critiquing film and so I left that idea in the past. But now I own my own paper and can do what I want! So who wants to go catch a flick next year?