Two Cents Worth – Sept 2, 2015

The O’Fallon Weekly News Team decided to take a road trip this past week.  Nathan and I piled into the car early Friday afternoon and drove a bit over four hours north to Hinsdale to watch the first Panthers football game of the season.

Now I won’t lie and say it was a good game. One look at the score will tell you that the Red Devil fans had a bit more of a fun time than the Panthers fans.  However, it was a good trip.

I’ve been saying since we launched that sports was the one aspect we were missing and going to that game helped me to process that something I considered a major flaw with the Weekly had now been taken care of. I finally felt like the Weekly was a real newspaper.

I was also glad to take the trip because it gave me a bit of time to get to know Nathan, our sports editor.  He’s a good kid.  Quiet but with a funny wit. He’s professional and respectful.  I couldn’t have been luckier to bring him on board.

After the game we swung through a nearby Giordano’s pizza for some Chicago deep dish.  It was really late by the time we left Hinsdale, making our arrival back into the Metro-East even later. I don’t know about Nathan, but I was pretty much dead to the world the next day.  These old bones can’t make a road trip like that in one day anymore.

I did see an interesting billboard on my way up to Hinsdale that I am doing a bit of research into.  I’ll tease you and say I hope to have more about that in next week’s column.

One last note… Last week in my column I accidentally butchered Nathan’s last name.  I incorrectly stated it was Pongee, when its really Poignee.  I have no idea where the incorrect spelling came from.  I guess that should be an indication that I shouldn’t write these columns at two or three in the morning.  Anyway, sorry Nathan.