Two Cents Worth – Sept 23, 2015

Last Saturday, the VFW hosted the 24th Annual POW/MIA Recognition Ceremony honoring those who were captured or are still missing.

I won’t pretend the ceremony went off without a hitch.  The musical part didn’t really work out and at times the event seemed a bit ad libbed.  However, with all of its hiccups, it was a great event.

We should take time to remember those who went off to fight for our freedoms and had their lives stolen from them.  In many ways, its a fate worse than death.  They’re forced to live under the control of the enemy, knowing their loved ones are at home worrying and praying for their safe return.

The Scott POW/MIA Council and VFW Post 805 honored some ex-POW’s that were in the crowd.  Richard Anshus, Vince Ralves, Robert Teichgraber, and Vernon Warren all were recognized, as were the family and widows of deceased POW’s.

While the event wasn’t polished and didn’t go off perfectly, it was a great event because of the love and care put into it.  There was a level of devotion and heart poured into that hour that is undeniable and inspiring. The organizers truly wanted to honor and remember our nation’s past and present POW’s, and they did that flawlessly.