Two Cents Worth – Sept 9, 2015

You may have noticed that each week we feature two animals available for adoption at the St. Clair County Animal Adoption Center.

When we launched the O’Fallon Weekly, one of my first priorities was to have a “Pet of the Week” section to help homeless pets find families. My wife and I are big animal people and have adopted our own collection of critters (one dog and three cats). Homeless animals are a big problem everywhere and I wanted to take a small part of the paper to help in whatever small way I could.

Each week I receive photos and descriptions of pets available for adoption from Tabitha at the Adoption Center. While I’ve actually never met Tabitha in person, we’ve spoken on the phone and emailed back and forth, and I can tell there is no one those pets would rather have working on their behalf to find them homes than Tabitha. She’s energetic and passionate about helping each and every animal that passes through her doors.

This past week the Animal Adoption Center posted a photo to their Facebook page showing the names of all of the dogs and cats that had been adopted in August. I recognized a lot of names from our Pets of the Week section and reached out to Tabitha to see how many featured pets had found forever homes.

I’m thrilled to report that all but four of the animals we have featured since we launched the Pets of the Week have been adopted to their new families. Only Cora (a kitten featured July 22), Robyn (a kitten featured August 19), Rascal and Waino (a dog and cat featured just last week) remain at the Adoption Center. Since we started featuring pets, we have spotlighted 27 different dogs and cats.

Pets provide so much more to a family and household than can be quantified. They love you unconditionally and bring joy and happiness into your life. Even cats, which sometimes get a bad reputation for being aloof and haughty, can be extremely affectionate and loving.

So if you don’t have a family pet or are considering getting a pet but don’t know where to get one, head down to the St. Clair County Animal Adoption Center. Or you can wait just a bit and head over to their Adopt-A-Thon on Sunday, September 27, at Silver Creek Saloon.The third annual event will run from 1-4 p.m. at 2520 Mascoutah Avenue in Belleville. Trust me, they’ll have a pet that’s just perfect for you.

The following former Pets of the Week have found forever homes…
Frank, Cole, Gucci, Leonard, Bernard, May Belle, Savannah, Rudder, Margarita, Catcher, Scribbles, Morgan, Paytin, Monkey, Milkshake, Mika, Cali, Joker, Sharkey, Alaska, Milo, Axel, and Cheshire.