Two Cents Worth – September 28, 2016

Two Cents Column

Two Cents Column

At the time I write this, the first presidential debate just took place. I didn’t get to watch it obviously, as I’m waiting for that sweet Black Friday deal to get a television for the office. I did listen to it on the radio though and have a few thoughts and observations.

Donald Trump needs to not breathe so hard. It was distracting and hard to concentrate on what he was actually saying.

While I understand some people getting upset at Trump talking over Hillary Clinton (more than) a few times, you’ve got to concede that she was egging him on all night. He started out being respectful calling her “Secretary Clinton” and she immediately went for the more informal “Donald”.  Additionally, she knew the way to get Trump off kilter was to attack, attack, attack and that’s what she did. It seemed to work a few times but not as well as I’m sure she had hoped.

Lester Holt seemed almost afraid to jump in and actually moderate the debate.

I find this whole presidential election interesting. People are constantly complaining about how we ended up with two arguably bad candidates. They’re asking how this could have happened. And then they check their Facebook, Twitter, or social media channel of choice to see who wore what to the recent award show and who broke up with who. Folks, we did this to ourselves. We dumbed ourselves down and killed our attention spans. Of course Donald Trump was going to win the primary. He’s the only guy who understood how to create sound bites that get people talking. Maybe its the reality television star in him, but he’s good at getting his message across in a simple and easily understood way.

Hillary is the opposite. She’s a relic of a bygone political age where deals are made in smokey back rooms. She’s where she is because the whole party machine rallied around her and said “It’s her turn.” The problem for the Democrats is that they have to live with that. The party that seems to attract millennials and young people went with the quintessential status quo politician, risking that very support.

Look, both candidates are flawed. I just find this whole exercise this year fascinating though, mostly because of how bizarre and different it is. And I’m hoping maybe this is a wake up call for America.

Ultimately, I want what’s best for my family. So please folks, quit screwing around caring about who will get custody of Brad and Angelina’s six kids and start doing some real research into people running for president back before its all too late and you’ve let others decide your choices for you.