Two Cents Worth – Settling into a new normal

Two Cents Column

Two Cents Column

Laura went back to work last week, meaning I took over as primary parent during the daytime. Despite what many predicted, he did survive our first week together. Oh it was touch and go there for a bit. I have NO idea how Laura (and all mothers before and after her) did it.

It’s a bizarre feeling to know that there’s a human being that depends totally on me for everything. Not just for food. Not just for cleanliness. For everything.

Max and LauraWe began to figure each other out though. I’m starting to learn what kind of cry each one is. Is it a dirty diaper cry? Or a “I’m hungry” cry? I’m starting to learn.


It’s pretty cool though to see how much Maxwell has developed over the last eight weeks. He’s starting to like to make little baby cooing noises. He’s going to be a chatterbox if the baby noises are any indication. When he’s awake and not crying, he’s typically trying to tell you something.

He’s also starting to be more alert. You can tell he’s recognizing things and becoming aware of his surroundings. And I could swear he was smiling at me the other morning.

I’m sure all of you parents out there are nodding your head and saying this is how the process goes. But take a moment and reflect back on your kids. Isn’t it crazy? Isn’t it great? I’m amazed and astounded by this little miracle of nature every day and look forward to so much more to come.