Two Cents Worth – Should city revenue be used for Homecoming?

Two Cents Column

Recently there has been talk about the city of O’Fallon possibly bringing back a city-sponsored Homecoming festival. The Mayor held a meeting on August 10 where 25 people, including the City Clerk and an alderman, attended. While the Mayor indicates there was a lot of enthusiasm for the idea and gives anecdotal evidence from his time campaigning for office as a reason to pursue the idea, we have concerns.

Our main concern is the potential use of tax dollars to pay for all or a portion of the festival. In his weekly column, the Mayor wrote, “I have stated that the City will look to have some of the funds from the revenue received from the electronic gambling machines placed into next year’s budget to help with getting the event started.” While he did go on to say that the city would also be looking for local businesses and organizations to assist in the effort, he clearly states he wishes to use city revenue to pay for a festival.

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