Two Cents Worth – The awesome power of one vote

Two Cents Column

One vote. That’s all that decided who will represent the people of Ward 2 for the next four years. On Tuesday it was determined that incumbent Jerry Albrecht won against Mark Riley by only one vote, 491 to 490.

Think about that for a moment. People often say how their vote doesn’t matter, but in this case every vote mattered. Whether you supported Albrecht or Riley, they needed your vote.

Mark Riley impressed a great number of people during his campaign and he has nothing to be disappointed about. For what its worth, we would encourage him to stay involved, as many of his neighbors seemed interested in what he had to say.

There was a lot of political drama in O’Fallon this past spring. However, the Ward 2 election holds a significantly deeper lesson. When all is said and done, voter turnout in O’Fallon was below 30 percent on April 4. A great number of people stayed at home and chose to not take part in the electoral process. This attitude needs a drastic adjustment before it is time to head to the polls again. I’ve said multiple times that municipal government has more impact on your daily life than any other level of government, and yet so few engage in it.

The Ward 2 election should be a teachable moment for everyone that the power of just one vote can cahnge everything.