Two Cents Worth – We can’t do it without you

Two Cents Column

Last week we received a note here at Weekly HQ inquiring why we weren’t covering a specific sports team at OTHS. It ended up that we actually had a story about that team in that week’s paper, but I use this as an example because this is a common occurrence.

Sports parents understandably want to see their favorite team featured in the paper. That has been the case since the first school team took to their respective field. We get that and try our best to cover sports at OTHS, and when possible at other area schools. Unfortunately, because I have yet to perfect cloning technology, we just don’t have the manpower or resources to fully cover everything in a manner that makes everyone happy.

Which brings me to the point of the column this week… we need your help, sports parents. Whenever I attend a game – be it soccer, volleyball, cross country, etc – I see parents on the sidelines taking photos with nicer cameras than mine. Next time, consider firing off an email my way with a few of your better shots with a description of the photo, naming the players within it, and let me know your name so I can give proper attribution, and I’ll print it. This way you help us cover all of the sports in O’Fallon, giving us a well rounded newspaper, and you can guarantee that your kid’s team makes the paper.

I’m also open to folks who want to volunteer to write some short articles about their child’s team and their activities during the season. Both of my sports writers are college interns who put in a ton of work for us just so they can get some experience and because they love sports, no matter the level. If you would like to help out, I’m sure they would appreciate it.

So, please, let’s all work together to showcase every team and their accomplishments.