Two Cents Worth – Welcome Memorial East

Two Cents Column

Two Cents Column

Last week I allowed myself to wallow in pity for a moment and lament the fact that St. Clair County was passed over for the NGA facility. This week, I want to celebrate.

Memorial Hospital cut the ribbon at Memorial East this past Sunday and officially opened for patients on Tuesday. This is a huge deal for not just Shiloh and O’Fallon, but for the county and region.

The new hospital has already been an economic boost, creating a good number of construction jobs. It will continue to be so through all of the new medical jobs it has created.

Additionally, the residents of Shiloh, O’Fallon, Lebanon, Mascoutah, and other cities from northeastern and eastern St. Clair County have a hospital they can get to in a very short time. Let’s be honest, if I were to attempt to get to Belleville Memorial from, let’s say, the Schnucks store at Highway 50 and Seven Hills Road at around 5 p.m., it could take upwards of half an hour depending on traffic, if I’m lucky. With the opening of Memorial East, a resident of O’Fallon or Shiloh can be at a hospital being seen by a doctor in no time.

And from a strictly personal standpoint, the fact that my wife will be able to use Memorial East to deliver our baby in May thrills me. I have toured the Family Care Birthing Center and it’s top notch. I’ve been a bundle of nerves, but having gotten to know Donna Stephens and some of her staff has me feeling better.

Memorial Hospital has embraced their new home and participates in a number of local events and charities. I can’t count how many times I’ve been to an event or fundraiser and Memorial Hospital has been a sponsor. They truly want to become a part of the area.

In the spirit of full disclosure, yes, Memorial Hospital does advertise in the Weekly. However, I’m not writing this because of any advertising they may do. I’m telling you all of this because since we launched nearly a year ago I have witnessed the final stages of Memorial East’s construction and birth. I have met the folks that will be staffing the hospital and serving the patients. I have seen first hand how Memorial has reached out to the Shiloh and O’Fallon communities. And I am very impressed.

So congratulations to the folks at Memorial East. We wish you all the best going forward and thank you for making the Shiloh and O’Fallon area your home.