Two Cents Worth – We’ve hung out our shingle

Two Cents Column

The O’Fallon Weekly took a big step this past week. We now have a physical office location, open to the public, in O’Fallon.

When we launched the paper, in an effort to keep costs down, we operated solely out of my car and home. If I had to meet with someone, meetings would be held at Bread Company, Sweet Katie Bee’s, or Starbucks. While that system worked, and successfully kept our costs down, it wasn’t what we wanted long term.

This past week we moved into the Opera House building, which most people recognize as the building that houses Veteran Corps.  Technically, we’re at 220 East State Street, Suite 1-c. We moved into a suite on the first floor, on the east side of the building, which used to use Tomi’s Beauty Salon. You can see our logo on the window as you drive down the alley.

We feel its important to have a space in the community where the public knows we can be found and reach out to us. Our office hours will be Tuesday through Saturday from 1 p.m. until 5 p.m. and by appointment. Honestly though, you can probably find me at the office on most Mondays putting together that week’s edition.

Now admittedly, the space isn’t much to look at right now. It’s just a few desks, a computer, and some other odds and ends, but we will make it a home over time. It may be a little bare, but we’re still really excited. I’ll finally have someplace to hang my Chamber of Commerce membership plaque!

If you have a press release, photo, notice or advertisement you’d wish to submit, feel free to swing on by. If you want to discuss something from that week’s paper or a previous edition, come on in. Heck, if you’re bored and just want to see what all goes into putting this paper together each week, pull up a chair.

Also, if you would like to purcahse a copy of the O’Fallon Weekly or if you’re looking for a back issue, come on by.

We strive to be a community newspaper O’Fallon enjoys. Our goal is to be an actual real part of the community and not just a paper that reports on it. We feel our new office is just another example of our commitment to that goal.

Oh, and we’re plotting a party soon to celebrate. More details on that to come.

And for those who are interested, we think we’ve settled on a few names for a boy. Now, if its a girl, that’s a different story…