View of the Past: Members of the Order of Railroad Telegraphers, ca. 1910

This week’s view features men who worked out of the Baltimore & Ohio Southwestern Railroad station in downtown O’Fallon, ca. 1910.  The station’s east wall can be seen on the right.  The two story structure directly behind it in the photo was the Ohlendorf & Thomas building, later Thomas Hardware, that was destroyed by fire in 1928 and rebuilt, housing what is now Shooter’s on East First Street.  The frame building to the far left was the Scale House, home to a public scale for weighing wagon loads.  It is now located at First and Apple.  Standing to the far left is station agent O.F. Songer.  To his right are railroad telegraphers E.E. Peachey (2nd “trick” or shift), V. J. Munie (3rd trick at Furman station – by present day Old Collinsville Rd. crossing), C. Weems (3rd trick) and William L. Mead (1st trick).  Those four were members of the Order of Railroad Telegraphers, Division 33.  

(Contributed by Brian Keller, O’Fallon Historical Society)