View of the Past: The O’Fallon Locker Co. on East State Street

O’Fallon Locker (Contributed by Brian Keller, O’Fallon Historical Society)

 This week’s view is of the O’Fallon Locker Co. which once occupied the Opera House building at 220 E. State Street. The Locker, founded by Wilbert Tschudy and Lynn Cunningham in 1945, opened 5 years after the theater that previously operated in the building closed. The firm offered local residents the opportunity to rent refrigerated lockers for storing frozen foods. In 1947, they had 656 lockers of varying sizes available or in use. They also provided butchering services which were conducted in the rear of the building. In 1981 they added a butcher shop where you could buy a variety of fresh meats. The photo was taken in January 1984, shortly before the O’Fallon Locker closed.