View of the Past: The old Marie Schaefer Junior High building in 1992

(Contributed by Brian Keller, O’Fallon Historical Society)

This week’s view is of the old Marie Schaefer Junior High building that once stood at Route 50 and Cherry Street in O’Fallon.  The school was built in 1925 and was home to O’Fallon Township High School from the fall of that year through the graduation of the Class of 1958.  After that, the high school moved to a new building at Smiley and Route 50 (the present day Smiley campus) and the old building was sold to O’Fallon District 90.  The photo was taken just before the school was torn down in 1992.  The view is from Cherry Street, looking southwest.  The south edge of the Marie Schaefer School gym, still standing, can be seen on the right.  The entrance in the middle was actually the back entrance.  But it was the one everyone actually used since the front entrance had been bricked up years earlier.