What’s New at the O’Fallon Historical Society – September 14, 2016


(Submitted Photo)

Beni (Bernice Funk-Bowman) came in to purchase six of the OHS DVD’s and became an OHS Member for three years. She and I went upstairs so she could reminisce about the old Barber Shop.

Charles Bevirt also came in and dropped off his OHS Family Membership Dues. Afterwards, OHS Vice President Tom Schwarztrauber took Charles out to the O’Fallon (Tiedemann) Cemetery to look for his Great Grand Father Henry Schaefer, Sr.’s unmarked grave. Tom grave dowsed and found Henry’s grave, located in the row behind John Distler’s grave. Charles is pictured (at right)standing where Henry is buried.

Elizabeth Rauckman’s family spinning wheel is now on display at the O’Fallon Historical Museum. The wheel, which had been left to Curt Schildknecht, has been placed there for everyone to enjoy.

(Submitted Photo)

(Submitted Photo)

“I believe Elizabeth will be proud that the spinning wheel will be on display with the historical society,” Curt told the Historical Society.

Elizabeth Rauckman passed away on November 30, 2014, at Cedar Ridge Healthcare and Rehab in Lebanon. Elizabeth was born, raised, and remained a lifelong resident of O’Fallon. She worked as a Toll Operator for Southwestern Bell for 36 years, and retired from Illinois Bell. Elizabeth was also one of the last switchboard operators on the second floor of the OHS Museum building – she was there when they made the switch over to dial service.  Elizabeth was a member of the O’Fallon United Church of Christ and an avid bingo player.