Will CSX reopen tracks through O’Fallon?

A train rolls through O’Fallon at 7:45 a.m. Saturday. (Photo by Brian Keller)

O’FALLON – Drivers and residents were surprised Saturday morning at approximately 7:45 a.m. to be stopped by a train along the tracks running through town, given that those tracks have been closed since August 2015.

The track, which had been cut at Caseyville and Flora, has been put in place and restored at those two locations. However, there are still diamonds that were removed in Shattuc, in Clinton County, and Odin, in Marion County, preventing the track from being fully used.

The section of track in Flora was replaced prior to this week and the Weekly has learned that CSX has been using that portion of track to store empty rail cars. If the diamonds are not replaced at Shattuc and Odin, it is possible the train company plans to do the same along the Caseyville portion, which could include O’Fallon.

CSX maintenance trucks have been working along the track running through town all week, and given the appearance of a train Saturday morning, it is possible the crossing guard gates will be reinstalled soon.

In the meantime, drivers should consider the track crossings as active and be vigilant looking for trains or trucks, given the lack of crossing gates.

The O’Fallon Weekly has reached out to CSX for comment.