Will Osuma is pushing his gridiron play to a high level

Will Osuma

By Colten Steele

Southwestern conference junior standout running back, Will Osuma, has already earned his right to be one of the most dangerous weapons on the O’Fallon Panthers’ offense this year. Osuma is a junior this season, but when he says he’s a junior, he also adds that he is only 15 years old.

“I’ve never felt at a disadvantage because I feel like I play at a high enough level to excel against the older competition,” Osuma said.

And playing at a high level is something Osuma is already doing. He currently leads the Panthers in rushing yards this season with 131 yards on 42 attempts, and is already off to a hot start for OTHS this season. Last year he led the Panthers in rushing yards (368) on just 87 attempts. He’s now setup to break his personal record for last year, just after two games.

“Over the summer I’ve been preparing to be in this position which has allowed me to become more comfortable on the field,” Osuma said. “Last year I felt more timid on the field and wasn’t hitting the right reads, but it has become easier this season.”

The Panthers aren’t off to one of their best starts to the season, but Osuma is confident in the team he is leading every Friday night.

“The tough losses are always disappointing, but we did a decent job running the ball against Belleville West last week,” Osuma said. “If we can continue to have more positive areas on the offense, we can translate that into more wins.”

There is more to football for Osuma rather than just winning games. He likes to at least have some fun while he’s doing it.

“I’ve been playing since a young age and it always came naturally to me. I also enjoy being able to build relationships with my teammates,” he said.

Osuma isn’t only a leader under the lights, as he is also involved in the classroom as well. Will is on the Leadership Council while trying to balance his academics and football throughout the year. As academics always come first for Osuma, he plans to continue his academic career when his high school career is over.

And plans to continue his career in one of the most sought-after professions in the medical field.

“There isn’t any plans set in stone but I would like to study in the medical field in order to become an Orthopedic Surgeon,” he said.