Zach Bolin lifts his way to tournament title

Zach Bolin, a senior at OTHS, recently participated in a powerlifting tournament in Murphysboro, Illinois, where he set a bench press record.

The event began with the deadlift, where Bolin lifted an impressive 430 pounds, which was the third best. The deadlift was followed by the squat where Bolin topped out at 385 l pounds, 15 better than the next competitor.

The final lift of the competition was the bench press. Bolin set an all-time tournament record for his weight class, pushing 270 pounds. That lift catapulted him into first place overall in the 165 pound weight class with 1,085 pounds total for the day.

Bolin credits his weightlifting coach, Dave Bassett, for his success. Coach Bassett has worked side by side with Bolin several times each week over the last three years, helping him to reach his powerlifting goals. Bolin’s parents, Kari Skaggs and Gerald Bolin highly recommend other parents looking for a coach to take their son/daughter to the next level to contact him.

Bolin has been accepted to the University of Mizzou. He will begin this fall and will continue to set new personal goals in the sport of powerlifting.