Zumba encourages a positive body image & lots of fun

While losing weight is great, having fun while exercising and learning that good health comes in all shapes and sizes is really what fitness is all about, especially if you are talking about Zumba! Even though Zumba has been around for a while, since 2001 in fact, the class has not lost any traction when it comes to popularity and the health benefits that come along from moving your body! 

Zumba is all about rewarding yourself. It’s not about belittling or punishing, yourself. The point of Zumba is to get in to shape and have fun while you are doing it.  Yes, mom’s work out to Zumba, but so do a lot of other people.  And when it comes to counting reps, calories, and minutes spent in a specific heart rate zone, you forget that working out and moving your body to music can and should feel like a happy experience — not a grueling one.

The aim of a great Zumba class is to make each participant feel included and confident. The class is a no-judgment zone, it’s okay if you don’t have rhythm as long as you have fun! It’s not about being the best dancer or being the most athletic, but instead it’s about having a good time. Not to mention that having a good time is good for you.  That’s right! There are proven health benefits to enjoying how you move. Zumba is really about moving in a way that celebrates your body and what it can do, allowing you to feel good in the body you have, rather than focusing on actively trying to change your body. This workout is less about achievement and progress and more about a fun environment and connecting with others in the class, promoting an environment that is positive for people of different body sizes.

While exercising for any reason is valid, when you’re surrounded by people who motivate and encourage you, you’re more likely to keeping coming back, and that’s good for your health.  

On October 30th, the MetroRecPlex is taking Zumba one step further by offering an awesome outdoor Halloween (costumes are encouraged) Zumba class! Complete with a DJ and more fun than you can handle, Halloween Zumba starts at 7 p.m. in the MetroRecPlex parking lot.